• Estimated Market Value: The estimated market value of the property is the amount estimated that a willing buyer would pay for the property if offered for sale. Each year the assessor reviews the market valuation of all properties to determine if changes in the real estate market require a change in the estimated market value.
  • Classification: All properties are classified according to their use. Examples of classifications are residential, apartment, farm and commercial, along with homestead and non-homestead. Each property type may be taxed at a different rate. Those class rates are determined by State Legislature. Like the valuation, the classification plays an important role in the amount of tax you pay.

How to Appeal

If you disagree with or have questions about your estimated market value or classification, there are several methods to appeal.

  1. First, collect any information you have to show why you believe your estimated market value or classification is incorrect, such as a recent appraisal of your property, recent sales of similar properties, etc.
  2. Then, call or visit the Clay County Assessor’s Office to talk with a county appraiser and review the information used to determine market value for your property.
  3. If your concern is not resolved, attend the city or township Board of Appeal and Equalization or open book meeting identified on your value notice. You must start your appeal process with the city or township meeting first.
  4. If your concern is not resolved at the city or township level, attend the county Board of Appeal and Equalization.
    1. 2023 Boards of Appeal and Equalization and Open Book Meetings (PDF)
  5. If your concern is still not resolved, you may petition the Minnesota Tax Court. You have until April 30 of the year the tax becomes payable to appeal your assessment to the Tax Court. There are 2 divisions of Tax Court:
    1. Regular Division
    2. Small Claims Division

Minnesota Tax Court

Specific instructions on how to appeal through Tax Court can be obtained by calling the Clay County Court Administrator at 218-227-7040 or contacting the Minnesota Tax Court by calling 651-296-2806 or visiting the Minnesota Judicial Center at:
25 Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
Suite 245
St. Paul, MN 55115