County Government Works

Clay County Government Works is an initiative to raise awareness and understanding of counties. Please view this county government works video (WMV Format / 60 seconds).

Video Link
Clay County Government Departments Working for You
Rural Transportation
(WMV / 15 seconds)
Highway, Planning and Zoning
Green Government
(WMV / 15 seconds)
Solid Waste Management and Soil and Water Conservation
Parks & Recreation
(WMV / 15 seconds)
About Us
Public Safety
(WMV / 15 seconds)
Sheriff, Public Health and Social Services
Food Safety
(WMV / 15 seconds)
Public Health, Environmental Health and Nutrition Education
Disaster Relief
(W MV / 15 seconds)
Emergency Management, Emergency Preparedness and Social Services
Criminal Justice
(WMV / 15 seconds)
Sheriff, Attorney, Court Administration and Public Defense
Children's Health
(WMV / 15 seconds)
Public Health and Social Services